Sustainability Transformation Forum

7th May 2024, 8 am

A platform for dialogue on sustainable business practices: resources for Finnish companies aspiring to lead the way in sustainability. Additionally a tool for Charity for peace, traumatized Ukrainian children and the Baltic Sea.



  • 8:40 Strategic sustainability - perspectives from the Board and Management
    • Minna Aila (Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Brand, Konecranes (as of July 1, 2024))
  • 9:10 Creating shareholder value through social responsibility (in English)
    • Domenico Dargenio (Fortum, Leadership & Culture Transformation Lead, Founder at Dardo Consulting)
  • 9:30 Food for thought: corporate social responsibility and the world we live in
    • 9:30 Janne Taalas, CEO, CMI Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation (Peace mediation)
    • 9:40 Erkki Salo, Fundraising director, John Nurminen Foundation (Baltic sea and climate change)
    • 9:50 Artem Mazur, Founder and CEO, Kids Of Ukraine (war traumatized children)
  • 10:00 Coffee break
  • 10:10 Succeeding in agile people change – special features for sustainability change
    • Heini Dahlström (S Group, Vice President, Loyalty)
  • 10:30 Metso - Enabling Sustainable Modern Life
    • Piia Karhu (Metso, president, Metals business area)
  • 11:00 How does good look like in company culture with age diversity
    • Reetta Rajala (55 Rise and Shine movement, entrepreneur, interim director)
  • The event will end at the latest by 11:30

Miksi tätä tapahtumaa tarvitaan?

  • Challenges in today's world

    The social responsibility aspect is becoming more relevant than ever. The world has become more restless than in decades, the globe is suffering – everyone will benefit from sharing part of company profits to ensure we continue to have a society and a globe to do business in.

  • Challenges in leading Sustainability

    Sustainability may well be the most significant business Transformation in decades and sense of urgency is building up. Legislation sets increasing requirements for Sustainability reporting, but the true Mindset for making business operations sustainable is still awaiting.

  • Challenges in leading transformation

    Several studies indicate that change projects fail more often than succeed. Succeeding in Transformation requires several levels of leadership to drive the change in a cohesive manner. Change leadership capabilities vary a lot - leaving room for improvement.



Piia Karhu

Piia Karhu, President of Metals Business area, is heading smelting, sulfuric acid and pelletizing businesses. Metso is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, Minerals processing and metals Refining industries globally. We improve our customers' energy and water efficiency, increase their productivity, and reduce environmental risks with our product and process expertise. Prior to Metso, Piia has held leadership positions at Finnair.

Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Brand, Konecranes

Minna Aila

Minna Aila (Master of Laws) has 20+ years of experience in global listed companies in different sectors and ten years of public sector service at the European Commission prior to her business career. She has held leadership positions in eg Konecranes , Neste, Nokia and Outotec (now Metso), with responsibilities including sustainability, public affairs, communications, brand & marketing and Investor relations.


Heini Dahlström

Heini Dahlström is Vice President, Loyalty at SOK . She is responsible for customer data of over 4 million Finnish S-Etukortti card members. Heini's track record in leading business transformations is paramount. Prior to SOK, Heini has worked at OP, Nordea and Deloitte.

Leadership & Culture Transformation Lead, Fortum

Domenico Dargenio

Dom has 20+ years of business experience across different countries, industries and roles, including C-level positions (currently at Fortum ). He has led various global transformations with a strong focus on the people aspect. His current focus is on helping companies build teams and organizations able to deliver sustainable high performance, the human way.

Co-Founder, Kids Of Ukraine

Artem Mazur

Artem Mazur, co-founder and director of the non-profit organization Kids of Ukraine , was born and raised in Lviv. In 2006, he completed a law degree, after which he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.


Erkki Salo

Erkki Salo is fundraising manager at John Nurminen Foundation . The Baltic Sea needs responsible corporations. Together we can save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.

CEO, CMI - Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation

Janne Taalas

Dr. Janne Taalas has served as CEO of CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation since May 2021. He has almost 25 years of experience in the Finnish Foreign service specializing in multilateral Diplomacy and peace Mediation related issues.

55 Rise and Shine -liikkeen alullepanija, yrittäjä, interim-johtaja

Reetta Rajala

In February Reetta posted about a discussion, where a headhunter considered Reetta to suit well for a CEO role, but felt she is too old. The post went viral and the topic became hot. Reetta initiated a movement to work on age diversity. On top of ageism activity, Reetta is a board professional, interim director and Charity worker.


Ira Hammermann

Ira is a media professional with a wide experience in moderating and hosting seminars, Congresses and galas both in Finnish, Swedish and English. During her 30-year career she has also been working for different Finnish TV channels as a talk show hostess and script writer.



The main door is easily walkable if you're using public transport. You can find parking spots next to the venue from Paasivuori puistikko or Pitkäsillanranta, if you're driving to the venue.

The Antiloppi lobby (+358505507728, open 8-17) is found from the second floor.